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By Don E. Gordon

The 1981 hardback is a vintage on digital war with an advent via basic W. E. DePuy. The Pergamon Press ebook is a part of the publishers sequence on coverage stories on safeguard affairs.

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In an overall ex­ planation of the basic strategy involved, suflSce to say that Britam failed to discover the operation in an incident having a remarkable similarity to the WW I Battle of Jutland. Hitler successfully com­ pleted yet another high-risk strategic gamble and won at little cost. ^^ CHAPTERm Cryptology AN ELECTRONIC WARFARE WEAPON Twice, during WW I and then again during WW Π, the British had the exceptional good fortune to gain special msight into the German cryptographic process. The British were able to read secret German ra<üo messages during wartime.

The limited success against German Enigma during late 1939 and early 1940 cannot be attributed to mastery of Enigma cryptanalysis by Üie British, French, and Poles. *^^ It can be concluded that throughout WW Π, the German Air Force dependence on Enigma enciphered radio messages to transmit large volumes of administrative radio traflSc combined with a high in­ cidence of poor communications security practices often led to suc­ cessful cryptanalysis not only of German Air Force radio messages but to the compromise of classified Army and Navy information as weU as breakthrough into Army and Navy Enigma cipher systems as weU.

German fleet communications were intercepted and, with 30 benefit of the captured code book, cryptanalyzed. Admiral Jellicoe was provided a report that a German warship had transmitted a mes­ sage in which it revealed its own location. Unfortunately, German seamanship, lacking m tradition and experience, was such that the ship had actually miscalculated its own location and its report was greatly in error. This was not an attempt to deceive. ^ JeUicoe knew the correct location of that German warship, knew that the reported location was in error and, therefore, discounted the entke intelUgence report, relying instead on his own judgement in the matter.

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