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More uncomplicated English pupil Dictionary КНИГИ ; ГУМАНИТАРНЫЕ НАУКИ Автор: коллектив авторов Название: more straightforward English scholar Dictionary Издательство: Bloomsbury Publishing PLCГод: 2003 Формат: pdf Размер: nine Mb Язык: английскийThe totally revised and up to date version of this bestselling basic English dictionary is principally precious for these practising FCE (First certificates Examination), and IELTS (International English Language trying out method) examinations. the hot variation contains 28,000 expressions utilized in overseas English. the choice relies on word-frequency counts and analyses of the CAT (Certificate in complex English) examination syllabuses. Entries contain examples from daily speech, abnormal types, derived phrases, variations among English and American utilization, and aid with confusable phrases (e.g. insure and ensure). Encyclopedic reviews spotlight old and cultural phrases (Guy Fawkes, Pancake Day) and technical phrases akin to the periodic desk, the metric approach and greenhouse gases. • 35,000 entries offer transparent, updated phrases and expressions utilized in British, American and foreign English • phrases outlined in transparent, basic English, utilizing our 1,500-word constrained defining vocabulary • every one access comprises a part of speech, phonetic pronunciation publications and instance sentences displaying how phrases are used.rapidshare zero 1 2 three four five

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The end of the world apocalyptic /ə pɒkə lptk/ adj warning about the end of the world apocryphal /ə pɒkrəf(ə)l/ adj famous, but probably not true. Synonym mythical apologetic /ə pɒlə d etk/ adj showing that you are sorry for something. Synonym sorry. Antonym unrepentant apologetically /ə pɒlə d etkli/ adv in an apologetic way ② apologise /ə pɒləd az/, apologize verb to say you are sorry ć He shouted at her and then apologised. ć She apologised for being late. ć Did you apologise to your mother for what you said?

Compare direct current ② alternative /ɔ l t nətv/ adj 1. in place of something else ć If the plane is full, we will put you on an alternative flight. 2. following a different way from usual í noun something which takes the place of something else ć Now that she’s got measles, do we have any alternative to calling the holiday off? ˽ there is no alternative there is nothing else we can do alternative energy /ɔ l t nətv enəd i/ noun energy produced by the sun, the sea or the wind alternatively /ɔ l t nətvli/ adv on the other hand alternative medicine /ɔ l t nətv med(ə)sn/ noun the treating of diseases by means such as herbal medicines which are not usually used by doctors alternator / ɔ ltənetə/ noun a device which produces alternating current ① although /ɔ l ðəυ/ conj in spite of the fact that ć Although it was freezing, she didn’t put a coat on.

Antonym calm (NOTE: angrier – angriest) angst / ŋst/ noun great worry about life. Synonym anguish. Antonym happiness anguish / ŋ wʃ/ noun great mental suffering. Synonym suffering. Antonym contentment (NOTE: no plural) anguished / ŋ wʃt/ adj showing or feeling great suffering. Antonym content angular / ŋ jυlə/ adj 1. with sharp corners 2. with sharp-looking bones ① animal / nm(ə)l/ noun a living thing that moves independently ć I love animals about the house – we have two dogs and three cats as pets.

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