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By Gerdi Quist, Dennis Strik

Complete and transparent factors of key grammar styles and buildings are strengthened and contextualized via real fabrics. you won't purely how to build grammar adequately, but if and the place to exploit it so that you sound usual and acceptable. Dutch Grammar you actually need to Know may help you achieve the instinct you must turn into a convinced communicator on your new language.

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It is about 35 euros) Exercise 3P Write these measures out as you would say them. g. g. ë) is used to indicate the start of a new syllable. Ordinal numbes in Dutch are formed by adding -de or -ste to the cardinal numbers. CC In Dutch decimals you use commas instead of decimal points (2,3). 000). CC You don’t normally use the plural forms of weights and measures (2 liter melk 2 litres of milk). 1 Personal pronouns Personal pronouns are words like I, you, they, me, it, us, etc. 1 Function CC CC 52 Subject pronouns are used as the subject of the sentence, which means that the person(s) to whom the subject pronoun refers is/are performing the action: ik voetbal, hij voetbalt.

Dat boek is stom. / Het stomme boek. The hot oven. The stupid book. 4 Use Adjectives are used to describe nouns, and can give extra information about appearance, quality, mood, physicality, etc. You can use as many adjectives together as you like. The rule for adding an -e (or not) applies to all of them: Dit is mijn grote, sterke broer. Ik woon in een mooi, groot huis. This is my big, strong brother. I live in a beautiful, big house. 5 Adverbial use Sometimes adjectives can be preceded by words such as erg (very), heel (very), verschrikkelijk (terrible), bijzonder (remarkable), which 20 look like adjectives but are used in an adverbial sense.

These chips are not edible. Het was een ongelofelijke ervaring. It was an unbelievable experience. Ik ben werkloos. I am unemployed. 1. 3 Adjectives can also be derived from nouns. These can also take a variety of endings similar to the ones above: zinloos geweld senseless violence. Exercise 2K Which noun goes with the following adjectives? g. gedachteloos  de gedachte a b c d e mannelijk schandalig redelijk ongelukkig zinvol Exercise 2L Following the example, provide the nouns and verbs that go with each adjective.

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