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By Robert Louis Stevenson

This version is written in English. in spite of the fact that, there's a operating Chinese-Traditional word list on the backside of every web page for the more challenging English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are lots of variations of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This variation might b

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Meals: 膳食. nobody: 没有人, 没人. orders: 命令. papers: 报纸. satisfy: 满意. sent: 送了. sheet: 片, 一张, 床单, 纸张. stays: 停留. stuff: 材料, 填塞, 职员. suppose: 假使, 猜想, 假定. supposing: 假若. thrice: 三次, 三倍的. throw: 扔, 丢掉, 丢, 投. triumph: 胜利. twenty: 二十. whatever: 无论如何, 无论何事, 不拘, 任何. wholesale: 批发. write: 撰写, 写, 编着, 写作, 写信给, 书写, 书写器, 写字, 作曲. 40 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde because it was not pure, and another order to a different firm. " asked Mr. % Poole felt in his pocket and handed out a crumpled note, which the lawyer, bending nearer to the candle, carefully examined.

It was but for one minute that I saw him, but the hair stood upon my head like quills. Sir, if that was my master, why had he a mask upon his face? If it was my master, why did he cry out like a rat, and run from Chinese Simplified angry: 愤怒, 火儿, 生气, 生气的. assures: 保证. bitter: 苦, 苦味, 沉痛. broken: 打破了. carefully: 小心地, 小心翼翼. compliments: 敬意. drug: 药品, 药物, 药. emotion: 感情, 情感, 情绪. firm: 公司, 坚固, 牢固, 果断, 贲临, 坚定, 稳健, 厂商, 企业, 刚强, 坚决. garden: 花园. importance: 重要性, 重视. impure: 不纯的. loose: 松开, 松弛的. mask: 面具.

Thoughts: 心头, 感想. trustee: 受托人, 保管人. unvarying: 无变化的. visits: 访问. voluntary: 自愿, 义务, 志愿. 34 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde INCIDENT AT THE WINDOW IT chanced on Sunday, when Mr. Utterson was on his usual walk with Mr. % "Well," said Enfield, "that story's at an end at least. We shall never see more of Mr. " "I hope not," said Utterson. " "It was impossible to do the one without the other," returned Enfield. "And by the way, what an ass you must have thought me, not to know that this was a back way to Dr.

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