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By Marie Brennan

Whilst a witch is born, a doppelganger is created. For a witch to grasp her powers, the dual needs to be killed. yet what occurs while the doppelganger survives? This debut is an unique event fable a couple of younger witch who needs to kill her dual which will live to tell the tale. unique.

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I stand ready for Earth. " The Hall disappeared. A crushing, lethal pressure was on Miryo—not physically; there was no physical element to this, but it was nevertheless horribly real and present, moving inward, forcing the life out of her. Its strength was terrifying. Miryo shoved back reflexively, trying to fight against the deadly attack. Determination. Strength. Attributes of Earth— Miryo braced herself, no longer trying to push the pressure back, merely concentrating on holding her own. It made the heaviest burden she'd ever shouldered feel light.

Not that you could tell by their behavior lately. Next Ice'll show up with a commission of her own. Mirage took the scrap of paper and turned it over in her hands, but there was nothing beyond those three words and Avalanche's signature. " Eclipse cracked his knuckles; there was a gleam in his eye. " Mirage looked around at the chaos of the study. " "I'm pretty much done in here. " Mirage stretched and eyed the papers balefully. " "Give her a break. She was a high-ranking witch. " Left alone in the room, Mirage scowled at the papers.

It had no retaining wall, and also no guards; Mirage and Eclipse went directly up to the back door, where they were met once more by a Cousin. It was a different woman from before, Mirage noticed, but she was no more surprised at their arrival than the first one had been. The witch rose when they were conducted into the slightly shabby parlor. The lighting in here was brighter; the witch had been writing, but Mirage could not see the page clearly enough to read it. She took a closer look at their contact, though, as the room in Corberth had been too dim to afford a good examination.

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