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By Andrew Sugden (author), J. Tola Alonso, Pilar P. de Valdelomar (translators)

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Parkinson, The Life and Times of Horatio Hornblower (London: Allen Sutton, 1970), Appendix IV. 2. One of the main uses of history is to construct ethnic identity, and ethnic identity is never constructed without political purpose. Cf. W. Whitelam, 'Israel's Traditions of Origin: Reclaiming the Land', JSOT 44 (1989), pp. 19-42. Some examples from the contemporary Near East can be seen among minor tribes of southern Jordan who are at present increasingly successful in claiming descent from the Huweitat tribe, politically and economically the most powerful tribe in the area, which in turn claims much more prestigious origins than are reconcilable with the documented history of the area; cf.

161-67; S. Timm, Moab zwischen den Mdchten. Studien zu historischen Denkmdlern und Texten (AAT, 17; Wiesbaden: Otto Harrassowitz, 1989), pp. 97157. Cf. further for 'fiction' and 'historical fiction' in the Hebrew Bible, H. Niehr, Rechtsprechung in Israel. Untersuchungen zur Geschichte der Gerichtsorganisation in Israel (SBS, 130; Stuttgart: Katholisches Bibelwerk, 1987), pp. 13-17, 118-27. 2. Thus I cannot disagree with Noth's criticism of Albright's methodology ('Beitrag', p. 270 n. 15). One should not forget, however, that Noth and his school had and still have their own favorite points at which they leap from a critical analysis of the texts to a historical reality that is supposed to correspond to the texts' favorite concepts, thus creating a number of modern scholastic myths that are still influential: the settlement by land-hungry nomads, a premonarchic Israelite nation, pre-exilic or even premonarchic mono- or henotheism, etc.

The War with Russia from Contemporary 32 The Fabric of History favors objective knowledge as opposed to beliefs; security is the price to be paid, which explains why, in a highly civilized and very complex world such as the present one, fundamentalism is such a temptation. 1 On the contrary: the acquisition and spread of objective knowledge actually is a moral and political issue. ). 3 Opting for this mode implies opting for the maximal participation of the maximal Photographs [New York: Van Nostrand, 1981], p.

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