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Modern history tells us how difficult it is to agree as to what constitutes socioeconomic development and how to achieve it. There is one point though which finds virtually universal consensus: underdevelopment is probably the worst, most dangerous and most widespread of contemporary social ' d i s e a s e s ' . But the essential issue remains to be clarified: what should be the target of socio-economic development? Or in other words, when can we say that a society is a developed one? According to some, a country is underdeveloped if it has average annual earnings of less than $600 US per capita (1).

On the positive side, the programme at IIT(D) left behind a design method and evidence of practice. Design is now part of undergraduate engineering education there, and a limited number of items did go into actual production financed by indigenous e n t r e p r e n e u r s . 'We believe the p r o g r a m m e was a reasonably cost-effective means by which the UK government provided aid in answer to a need raised by the Institute of Technology itself. SOCIAL FORCES DETERMINE THE SHAPE OF TECHNOLOGY Thomas Kuby Roughly half of the fifty-three papers announced for this symposium indicate by their title that they deal with some kind of technological innovation, be it the design of disaster equipment or the conception of an eco-house.

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