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By Robert J. Randisi

At the run from the assassins who murdered his relatives, Ty Butler came upon a brand new option to continue to exist: with a number of stable fingers, a loaded gun, and a bit success. yet mendacity low and maintaining out of his hunters' gunsights is getting more durable to do because he begun incomes a major rep on the poker table—and specifically now that he is made a few new associates . . . named Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, and document Holliday. In Denver, Butler reveals Holliday within the clutches of corrupt lawmen. Doc's sought after for homicide again in Tombstone, and he'd relatively exit in a blazing gunfight than face an Arizona putting pass judgement on. All Butler has to do is hold document respiring until eventually Earp and Masterson arrive to spring him—and that will not be effortless. The Gambler's been dealt right into a risky online game with too many killers anteing up. And this time Ty Butler simply should be drawing lifeless.

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I know,” Virgil said, “that cough of his is gettin’ worse. ” Wyatt said, “Not only that. The warrants against us won’t stand up. We were wearin’ badges. ” “Bat might be able to help,” Wyatt said. “He’s the marshal in Trinidad. ” Bat Masterson was someone else who was Wyatt’s friend, not Virgil’s. In fact, Virgil didn’t have many friends other than his brothers, Wyatt and Morgan— and now there was only Wyatt. “Bat and Doc don’t get along,” Virgil pointed out. “I don’t know too many people who get along with Doc,” Wyatt said.

Hell, as long as you can hit what you aim at—” “I don’t think I’d be interested in being a faro dealer and a deputy, Bat. Too time-consuming. ” 30 Robert J. Randisi “Yeah, I can see that,” Bat said. ” Butler was relieved. He didn’t want to insult Bat in any way. He still didn’t know the man very well, and wasn’t sure what kind of temper he had. He’d heard some stories, didn’t know if they were true, and didn’t want to test them out. “We’re good, then,” he said. “If you want to play poker tonight until about ten and then relieve me, that’s fine,” Bat said.

That’s the point,” Butler said. ” Bat asked. “Dean, I want you to go around back. ” “Just follow my lead, kid,” Bat said. “Don’t fire your gun unless I do. ” Collier nodded and took off on the run. ” Butler asked. ” Bat looked at him. ” “I might, if I knew how many guns we were walking 40 Robert J. ” “Yeah, you’re right,” Bat said. ” Bat looked at his watch. ” Butler nodded, and checked his gun. ” Vance asked. ” Vance looked around the room, his gun in his hand. “Remember what I said,” he announced to the room at large.

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