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By Tony Richards

Raine's touchdown, Massachusetts, cannot be situated on any map. at the floor it seems that a standard New England small city, yet someone who stumbles in desires to go away instantly . . . and as soon as long gone, they put out of your mind they have been ever there. actual magic pervades this village of shadows, practiced by means of robust adepts descended from the unique Salem witches. yet a curse has made it most unlikely for any resident to step past the city line. these born the following needs to die right here in addition. Ross Devries and Cassandra Mallory observed their worlds destroyed via magic run amok, and committed their lives to preserving supernatural disaster at bay. yet now a being extra poor than something they have ever encountered has simply crossed over the border—a robust entity no identified magic can defeat; a fierce, old god who feeds on terror . . . and blood. a brand new nightmare is descending upon Raine's Landing—and for Ross, Cass, and the total trapped inhabitants there might be no get away . . . no longer even in demise.

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If circumstances ever let me, it was a place I very badly wanted to get back to. I found the remote under a paper on the couch, and switched the TV on. It was tuned to RLKB. And the local news was being broadcast. The station’s sole reporter, Marlon Fisk, was standing at the end of Cray’s Lane, which looked rather less forbidding in the light. ” A warning that had come rather too late. “. . are calling this the worst single incident of magic gone wrong in the Landing’s entire history,” he was telling us.

No one ever came here, unless they absolutely had to. And when that was the case, they got out again just as quickly as they could. Definitely, we had no long-term visitors. It was all part and parcel of the curse. For the past three centuries, Raine’s Landing hadn’t been part of the regular world because of it. And it should have dark rain 47 been working on this fellow now. I was absolutely certain of that. Every instinct in his body ought to have been screaming at him. Turn around! Get out! Instead of which .

She asked me. I shook my head. And she grunted with annoyance. ” “You’re too hard on them,” I said. “I’m too hard on everybody. ” She exhaled, and her lean, muscular body finally relaxed a little. ” 22 tony richards “There must be people living on this street who weren’t at home this evening. Probably don’t even know what’s happened yet. ” And wasn’t that the truth? “They might have some insights. Otherwise? Hobart’s claiming that there are no witnesses. ” Cass’s full lips puckered. I could see that she was coming around by this time.

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