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By Max Allan Collins

The saga of darkish Angel continues!Someone is killing general people within the fog-enshrouded urban of Seattle. The murders are brutal and grisly, yet within Terminal urban they slightly reason a ripple of outrage. The transgenics who reside there have difficulties in their personal. In a space lower than siege by means of the oppressive arm of the police, the transgenics needs to safeguard their fledgling colony opposed to the skin world—a global that eyes them with contempt and suspicion . . . and should do whatever to be rid of them.As the killings increase, Joshua involves Max with a dire suspicion: the killer can be one among their very own. Tensions are excessive among general people and transgenics, and plenty of contained in the secure urban might simply as quickly permit the people fend for themselves. but Max and her internal circle understand they need to examine the crimes and forestall the bloodshed. Doing not anything could easily provide the normals extra purposes to hate.But what they become aware of will surprise even the main jaded between them—and reveal a sinister time table that ends up in an previous, nefarious foe. . . .

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Better," he said. On the walk back, down in the fluorescent-lit tunnel, Joshua seemed lost in thought and hung back even farther than before. " He shook his head, the mane bouncing. " Logan frowned. "What 'ones,' Joshua.... " . "Yes," Joshua said. " Max asked. "Not sure yet. " Without another word, the big man brushed by them and up the stairs to the first floor of the Terminal City branch of Medtronics. Though Max wanted to, she didn't press him. Joshua, like most men, only talked when he wanted to, and pushing him wouldn't help.

M. Half a dozen officers pointed guns at them from behind cars. Illuminated only by the light bars, Max could nonetheless see the hatred in their eyes. She knew that each now fought the impulse to pull the trigger and kill the three trans-genics without hearing a single word. In her earphone came Dix's voice: "Jesus, Max, you really set them off. Security cameras show them hunkering down at every post. " A very white man in a camouflage uniform and Kevlar helmet inched up so his head and neck were visible above the roof of a police car.

Max looked at him hard. " Then she, Alec, and Joshua turned and walked into the welcoming gloom that was their Terminal City home. Chapter Four OTTO BODY EXPERIENCE SECTOR ELEVEN. 9:58 PM SUNDAY, MAY 9, 2021 Bobby Kawasaki could feel the inner him—the real him—coming out. He had more energy now, though he still had not been off the sofa all day. The drug was finally winding down, and he could feel his true strength returning. On a normal weekend Bobby would have already been out; but even before it started, this weekend had been screwed up.

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