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By Tom Lundskaer-Nielsen, Philip Holmes

Danish: a necessary Grammar is a reference advisor to crucial features of present Danish because it is utilized by local audio system. It provides a clean and available description of the language, targeting these parts of Danish that pose specific difficulties for English audio system yet even as offering a extensive common account of the language. The Grammar is the perfect resource of reference for the learner of Danish within the early and heart phases. it's compatible for self sufficient research or for college students in colleges, schools, universities and grownup periods of every kind. This new version has been totally up-to-date to mirror alterations in present language use and up to date cultural advancements. positive aspects comprise: transparent, jargon-free factors many tables and diagrams for added readability separate thesaurus of linguistic and grammatical phrases designated index with key Danish and English phrases

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7 Pronunciation of some frequent words Some words of high frequency are not pronounced phonetically. 1). : og [ɔ] at [ad] or [a] Han lå og sov. / Hun sagde, at hun ville komme i dag. at as an infinitive marker [ɔ] Glem ikke at skrive! Don’t forget to write! 1 The glottal stop (stød) 12 ‘Stød’ (marked ’) is a peculiarly Danish phenomenon, not found in other North or West European languages. In English, it comes closest to the glottal stop (a sound like that found in Cockney ‘bottle’ [bɔ’l], ‘water’ [wɔ ’ə] or ‘little’ [li’l]).

Pronouns, interjections) are generally neuter: (et) brød, bread; glas, glass; jern, iron; kød, meat; papir, paper; snavs, dirt; vand, water; et kontinent, a continent; et sogn, a parish; et torv, a square; et langt i, a long i; et ja, a yes; jeget, the ego. Exceptions: en by, a town; en ø, an island; verden, the world. This also applies to proper nouns (names) for geographical locations. In the case of countries, the word land(et) is assumed: England er dejligt om sommeren. England is lovely in summer.

This also applies to proper nouns (names) for geographical locations. In the case of countries, the word land(et) is assumed: England er dejligt om sommeren. England is lovely in summer. det lille Danmark little Denmark Exceptions: Notice that, for towns, the word by-en is assumed: (Byen) København er stor. 4 Neuter by form -dømme et omdømme, a reputation -ed et hoved, a head -ende et udseende, an appearance Exceptions: These include people: en gående, a pedestrian; en studerende, a student. 6 Compound nouns These nearly always take the gender of the second element in the compound: en skole + et køkken → et skolekøkken, a school kitchen et køkken + en kniv → en køkkenkniv, a kitchen knife Exceptions: et måltid, a meal, cf.

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