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By Emily K. Dresner-Thornber

Welcome to the area of adorable & Fuzzy Seizure Monsters, the large Eyes, Small Mouth complement that exhibits you ways to play a puppy Monster coach (or even the puppy Monster), similar to on television. within you will discover a fascinating satire of the "monster scuffling with" style, yet you should use this ebook to play powerful in-genre characters in addition. detect what it potential to be a child transforming into up in an international the place each boy and woman has their very own own monster gladiator!

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Here are a few examples: TRAINER-KNIGHTS OF THE REALM How about a world where pet monsters are actually integrated into a medieval setting? Heroic fantasy worlds can even revolve around economies based entirely on raising, trading, training, and fighting monsters. Sorceresses summon small dragons to fight at their side; warrior lords use them as scouts and messengers in the wars (and appoint young squires to sweep up after them) and bold adventurers CUTE AND FUZZY SIEZURE MONSTERS 47 CHAPTER 2: PET MONSTER CAMPAIGNS use monsters as shock troops while rampaging through dungeons.

Of course, the politicians may not approve of this, but who is going to tell them? • TOURNAMENT STRUCTURE A typical tournament has a number of rounds. For example, suppose there was a small local competition with 12 contestants. The first round would consist of six battles. In the next round, the six winners of the first round fight each other in another three battles. In the third round the three winners of the second round participate in a three-way drag-out championship duel, with the winner receiving the ground prize and winning the tournament.

All normal rules for character creation presented herein also apply to the pet monster genre. The first section, Creating Monster Trainers (see below), provides guidelines for designing characters who train or own cute monsters. The second section, Creating Cute Monsters (see page 66) offers suggestions on how to design creatures, either as pets of trainers or as player characters. The final section, Trainer and Monster Advancement (see page 84) deals with coaching monsters during the game, as well as detailing how pet beasts can evolve into more powerful forms.

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