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Rant was clearly the moving force behind the removal of Custer rom field command. Realistically, the entire affair should have been one of the president’s business; it was not his decision, but rather me impeachment Board’s concerning the testimony. While it is true that Grant wa< of our nation’s armed forces, the decision the Dakota column belonged with the two Sheridan and Terry.

2 Effective control of the post traderships was vested in one man, William W. Belknap. I nder the new law the traders were given the exclusive privilege of trade on military reservations to which they were assigned. No other persons were allowed to sell or trade goods on that military reserve. } his subagent if he would remit to Marsh twelve thousand dollars per year in quarterly installments. Evans intimated that one-half of that amount subsequently would be paid to Belknap or his wife and that Fort Sill was only the tip of the iceberg.

After a flurry of confidential telegrams from Armstrong to Sheridan, a compromise was finally reached that granted Custer leave until February 15-11 To facilitate his return, the Northern Pacific provided a special train from New York to Bismarck. Custer’s return to Fort Lincoln was brief. Shortly after his arrival, he received a subpoena on March 15 to appear before the Clymer Committee. Two competent Custer biographers, Jay Monaghan and Edgar I. Stewart, contend that his outspoken opinions gained the attention of Democrats while the Custers were on their New Y ork vacation.

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