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This quantity assembles fourteen hugely influential articles written by way of Michael H. Jameson over a interval of approximately fifty years, edited and up to date by means of the writer himself. They symbolize either the scope and the signature kind of Jameson's engagement with the topic of old Greek faith. the gathering enhances the unique courses in methods: to start with, it makes the articles extra available; and secondly, the quantity bargains readers a different chance to watch that over nearly 5 a long time of scholarship Jameson built a particular approach, a signature variety, a specific standpoint, a manner of taking a look which could possibly be fittingly referred to as a 'Jamesonian technique' to the research of Greek faith. This process, recognizable in every one article separately, turns into unmistakable throughout the focus of papers accumulated right here. The details of the Jamesonian procedure are insightfully mentioned within the 5 introductory essays written for this quantity by means of top global specialists on polis faith.

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Among the combatants especially conspicuous in the painting are Callimachus, who was chosen by the Athenians to serve as polemarch, Miltiades, one of those who served as strategos, and a hero called Echetlus, of whom I shall also make mention later. It is this figure Echetlus or Echetlaeus whom I propose to consider. The later passage (Paus. 4–5) occurs in a description of the deme of Marathon and the battle which took place on its plain: The Marathonians worship those who died in battle, calling them heroes, and also Marathon, from whom the deme gets its name, and Heracles; they claim that among the Greeks it was first by them that Heracles was considered a god.

2004: Contributions to the Cambridge Guide to the Classical World. 2005: “The Family of Herakles in Attica,” in L. Rawlings and H. , Herakles and Hercules: Exploring a Greco-Roman Divinity. Cardiff. 2005: “Submerged Remains of the Town and Its Immediate Vicinity,” ch. 7 in McAllister, M. , The Fortifications and Ancient Structures: The Excavations at Ancient Halieis 1, with contributions by M. H. Jameson, J. A. Dengate, and F. A. Cooper. Bloomington, IN. 85–97. In press: “Excavations at Halieis, History of the Site, and Testimonia,” ch.

Michael Jameson the historian of religion was first and foremost also Michael Jameson the epigrapher – and inscriptions, like cults, are local only, tied to one place and one specific historical moment. It is not by chance that two of the four papers in the first part of this collection take their starting point from an inscription. ” The other two papers think mostly locally as well: the Dionysus paper takes a large amount of its evidence from Athenian vase-painting, another very local medium (despite its huge international commercial success), and the paper on Echetlaeus comments on a detail of a painting in Athens’ Stoa Poikile with an eminently local theme, the victory at Marathon.

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