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Numerology: With Tantra, Ayurveda, and Astrology

Tantric student Harish Johari indicates how you can make sure your psychic quantity (representing self-image), your future quantity (pertaining to karma and the way others understand you), and your identify quantity (social life). in response to those dominant numbers, strategies are given concerning favorable shades to be worn, meditations to be practiced for health and wellbeing and prosperity, and powerful and vulnerable classes of the day or year,

"A real renaissance guy, Harish Johari maintains his vocation of bridging the East/West hole. "—(_EastWest Journal_) A Tantric student and a professional within the Hindu traditions of Ayurveda and astrology, Harish Johari offers the 1st process of numerology to mix numerical values, astrological info, and research of physique kind. utilizing easy calculations, Johari explains tips on how to ensure your psychic quantity (representing self-image), your future quantity (pertaining to karma and the way others understand you), and your identify quantity (signifying social life). He exhibits how those numbers display information regarding your character, temperament, intelligence, skills, sexuality, spirituality, funds, and overall healthiness. an entire part is dedicated to every quantity, its attributes, and its corresponding planet, deity, and mantra. in keeping with your dominant number(s), strategies are given relating to robust and vulnerable sessions of the day or 12 months, favorable shades and necessary stones to be worn, and meditations to be practiced for health and wellbeing and prosperity. HARISH JOHARI is the writer of _Tools for Tantra_, _Chakras_, _The therapeutic strength of Gemstones_, and _Breath, brain, and Consciousness_. A painter, sculptor, and composer, he additionally served as consultant to Baba Ram Dass in the course of Ram Dass's preliminary expedition into mystic India.

The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records

The endless knowledge of the Akashic documents is a rare ebook packed with remarkable instruments for transformation. getting access to the Akashic files is likely one of the strongest paths to self-awareness and private swap at the moment to be had. Lisa conscientiously and lovingly publications you thru the Akashic realizing knowledge Prayer approach, a five-step procedure with 3 vibrational keys to without delay and simply entry your Akashic checklist.

Und der Himmel tat sich auf: Jenseitsbotschaften. Die geistige Welt und das Leben nach dem Tode

Der Bestseller zum Thema Jenseitsbotschaften Der aufsehenerregende Bericht des Mediums James Van Praagh über seine PSI-Wahrnehmungen und seine Kontakte zu Verstorbenen. Van Praagh verbindet die präzise Erklärung übersinnlicher Phänomene mit den zugleich überzeugenden und ergreifenden Geschichten individueller Ratsuchender.

86 Life Answers. Virgo

Virgo: August 22 - September 22The Virgin. distinctive, methodical, industrious, discriminating, clever, chaste. This ebook presents solutions to 86 existence questions about wealth, luck and happiness. be aware of thyself and your appropriate mate. Be guaranteed of your destiny.

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