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By Kate Brian

After escaping from the Brenda T. Trumball Correctional Facility for ladies and stealing the id of a wealthy socialite, Ariana Osgood eventually inspiration she used to be at the direction she consistently believed she deserved. however it turns out her previous has stuck up with her—and it’s blackmailing her correct again to her outdated methods. Now every little thing she wishes turns out extra out of succeed in than ever…and the go back of her nemesis—Reed Brennan from Private—is making issues even worse. The Privilege sequence involves an in depth with the entire suspense, romance, drama and, anywhere Ariana is worried, homicide you’d anticipate.

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She saw herself picking up her desk chair with both hands and swinging as hard as she could. She saw herself screeching at the top of her lungs and rushing him so hard, so fast, and so unexpectedly that he lost his balance and went flying through the windowpane, shedding broken glass all over the grass below and falling to his bone-crushing, skull-cracking death. But she couldn’t do any of that. Of course she couldn’t. ere had been too many deaths already, and all inside her circle of friends. If Palmer were to die right in her own room, the questions would certainly start.

If Reed hadn’t changed her schedule for the day at the last minute, she would be dead by now, and Ariana could get on with her life—get on with plotting her next move with Meloni and securing her future. But no. She had to go finishing her lab the night before. Even that wouldn’t have been so bad, if she’d simply not shown up at all. Ariana would have waited for a while before giving up, going home, and coming back with a new plan. But that wasn’t possible, either. Reed had to pop into the lab to print out her work and, just to add insult to injury, bring Noelle along with her.

Ariana smiled. When she and Jasper had first started to get to know each other, he’d professed his aspiration to a life of leisure. But a guy like him was expected to go to an Ivy League school. Apparently this was his way of finding a happy medium. “But I’m also going to apply to Tulane and LSU,” Jasper added. ” Ariana asked, trying to sound casual. She and Jasper were juniors, after all. Anything could happen between now and their freshman year of college. Still, if she had to choose right now, she’d want him to come with her.

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