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By Melissa Bowerman, Penelope Brown

This booklet deals a different interdisciplinary point of view on argument constitution and its function in language acquisition. Drawing on a wide variety of crosslinguistic info, this quantity exhibits that languages are even more different of their argument constitution houses than has been learned.

The quantity is the end result of an built-in learn undertaking and includes chapters through either experts in first language acquisition and box linguists engaged on a number of lesser-known languages. The learn attracts on unique fieldwork and on grownup info, baby facts, or either from seventeen languages from 11 varied language households. a few chapters provide typological views, analyzing the elemental constructions of a given language with language-learnability concerns in brain. different chapters examine particular difficulties of language acquisition in a single or extra languages. Taken as a complete, the quantity illustrates how unique paintings on crosslinguistic version is important to the improvement of insightful theories of language acquisition.

Crosslinguistic views on Argument constitution integrates very important modern matters in linguistics and language acquisition.

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