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There are several reasons for this: 1) any teacher who enters a department or school in which the curricula have already been established will inevitably have to begin by teaching within a system which he had no part in designing; 2) because Performance Objectives, by definition, spell out so very precisely what it is that students have to demonstrate, the faculty who wish to meet their obligation to prepare students for evaluation have a more prescribed set of objectives to meet than would be the case in a traditional system.

It is hard to think of any achievement which educators evaluate where they are interested in the test result outside of the context of its relationship to the student's capacity to use the assessed learnings at other times or in other ways. This is to say that achievement measures are not created as ends in themselves but because educators are placing their bets on measured achievements having some other significance in the student's life. Evaluators are interested in the test results because they are deemed to have prognostic significance.

Since we have assumed that the skills are relevant ones and that mastery of them has personal and career pertinence, this means that we must reexamine the instructional activities to ascertain their efficaciousness for teaching the proficiency. For example, we may wish to change our instructional activities so that they focus not only on skill proficiency but also on the motivational issues which will encourage students to maintain and enhance their skills. By changing our instructional activities, we may appear to be taking an indirect approach but we are actually more likely to achieve our instructional objectives.

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