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It was emphasized only that the invention had to be a practical object or device. JUDGING THE INVENTIONS Because of the very large number of inventions that would have to be rated in this and later studies (over 2,500 for all of the experiments on creative invention), only two judges were used this time, rather than three. These judges were both experienced in rating creative patterns from the previous experiments, and they spent nearlĀ„ t month independently studying and rating the inventions.

Examples of recognizable patterns that were not classified as creative. together with the sets of parts that were used in the mental synthesis. (From Finke & Slayton. 1988. Memory & Cognition. Vol. 16. pp. 252-257. reprinted by permission of Psychonomic Society. ) (1) BUG (2) BOWLING BALL cb ~ LETTER "V" LETTER "c" LETTER "D" CIRCLE LETTER "c" CIRCLE (3) ICE CREAM SODA (4) FIRECRACKER LJ ~ LINE LETTER "c" SQUARE LINE LETTER "}" RECfANGLE FIG. 3. Examples of recognizable patterns that were classified as creative, together with the sets of parts that were used in the mental synthesis.

04, ns). 3 Number of Practical, Creative, and Highly Creative Inventions Reported by Subjects According to Whether the Parts and Object Categories were Chosen or Randomly Specified (Experiments 1-3) Condition Type of Invention Practical Creative Highly Creative ClltegOry Chosen Pllrts Rllndom ClltegOry Rllndom Pllrts Rllndom ClltegOry Rllndom Pllrts Chosen 191 31 11 175 193 49 14 17 3 Note: The ~ bove categorizations are based on a total of 1,080 trials, 360 for each condition. "Creative" inventions were practical inventions that were rated as original; "Highly Creative" inventions received the highest possible rating on both practicality and originality.

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