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By Graeme Trousdale, Nikolas Gisborne

This choice of articles brings jointly new learn from either tested and rising overseas specialists within the learn of English grammar, all of whom have engaged with the idea of 'construction' of their work. The examine this is all for either synchrony and diachrony, with the connection among development Grammar and different linguistic theories, and with a couple of matters within the learn of grammar, resembling elevating and keep an eye on phenomena, transitivity, relative clause constitution, the syntax of gerunds, attributive and predicative makes use of of adjectives, modality, and grammaticalization. the various articles are written inside of a constructional framework, whereas others spotlight power issues of constructional ways to English grammar; a number of the articles are in response to facts gathered from corpora, a few on introspection; a number of the articles recommend strength advancements for diachronic building grammar, whereas others search to check development Grammar with different cognitive linguistic theories, so much quite observe Grammar.

The learn stated during this quantity provides a chain of the way of the connection among structures and styles in English grammar, both now or some time past. The book addresses students and complex scholars who're drawn to English grammar, constructional methods to language, and the connection among sensible and formal concerns in linguistic description and theory.

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8) Grammatical properties of give-gerund CPs (cf. Brinton forthcoming) a. g. have a nap vs. take a nap). With the give-gerund CPs, it is not possible to replace give with another light verb (*I had/took/made/did him a kicking). e. g. The government had/got/took/received a kicking from the press over its asylum policy). b. Definiteness. Some CPs can appear only with an indefinite article (give a nudge), some only with a definite article (do the washing up) and some with neither (take offence at).

A macro-construction) or is it less schematic? Productivity: does the construction sanction new instances? The more grammatical a construction, the more likely it will sanction new instances; the more lexicalized a construction, the less likely it will sanction new instances. Compositionality: to what extent is the meaning of the construction compositional? Here it is important to stress that non-compositionality is not the same thing as conventionality (cf. 3 above); give CPs, as idiomati- Constructions in grammaticalization and lexicalization 55 cally combining expressions, are conventional but compositional; true idioms, such as at sixes and sevens, are both conventional and noncompositional; a construction at any level of schematicity is a “component structure” (in the sense of Langacker 2005b).

27) thrashing/threshing ‘a beating’: 1382 WYCLIF Hos. x. 11 Effraym a cow calf, taut for to loue thresshyng; 1875 A. R. HOPE Schoolboy Friends 80 I’ll give you the greatest thrashing you ever had. (28) scolding ‘a reprimand’: 1486 Bk. St. Albans f. vij, A scoldyng of kemsteris; 1875 W. S. HAYWARD Love agst. World 38, I shall give him a good scolding after dinner. (29) trouncing ‘a beating’: a1553 C. BANSLEY Treat. xii. ) 5 Tyll you tricke and trotte youre selfe, to the devyls trounsynge neste.

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