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Thau argues that 3 puzzles that has exercised the very best minds in philosophy of language and brain, i.e., Frege's Puzzle, The Inverted Spectrum, and the data Argument, are, regardless of appearances, editions of an analogous puzzle. this is often interesting stuff. Many writers on those subject matters have given other forms of options to those puzzles. If Thau is correct, then many should easily return to the drafting board. The prose is obvious and jargon loose making the publication a excitement to learn. this is often possibly crucial booklet in philosophy of language in brain within the final 20 years.

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Now, many qualia freaks will accept this point and, by itself, it doesn't threaten the qualia freak's view. After all, the mere fact that you are aware of an object of a certain type doesn't imply anything about the representational content of your experience of it. The fact that Janet is aware of an object that happens to be a red convertible says nothing about the way her awareness presents the object to her; the object may seem to her to be an orange convertible, or a green sedan, or a giant box, or what have you, but she is still aware of a red convertible.

But that differ in their internally determined features—that seem different to their respective subjects; for example, Spectrum Inversion 27 Norm's and Abnorm's visual experiences of the tomato might both represent it as red even though Norm's experience does so in virtue of being red1 while Abnorm's does so in virtue of being green1. Similarly, according to Fregean theories of belief content, two thoughts might represent the same individual but nonetheless be distinct in virtue of containing different modes of presentation of that individual.

Contemporary qualia freaks generally have enough sense to eschew the more unsettling aspects of the seventeenth-century view. They realize that, whatever cognitive relation we bear to our perceptual ideas, it isn't a perceptual relation; we see tables and chairs, not ideas of tables and chairs. And most realize that if anything in the world is colored, it is material objects, not ideas of material objects. So, rather than saying that perceptual experiences have color properties, they generally say they have primed-color properties.

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