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By Galina Lindquist

Notions of magic and therapeutic were altering over prior years and at the moment are understood as reflecting neighborhood rules of energy and employer, in addition to buildings of self, subjectivity and have an effect on. This learn makes a speciality of modern city Russia and, via exploring social stipulations, conveys the event of dwelling that makes magic logical. by way of following people's personal interpretations of the paintings of magic, the writer succeeds in unraveling the common sense of neighborhood perform and native figuring out of sickness, regularly occurring to diagnose the reviews of disorder and misfortune.

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In the name of the same, your God, lift up, I say, yourselves. 32 The call cited at length here is signi¤cant because of the central place it secures for the Christian God. Augustine’s condemnation of magic as being inherently demonic is thus met here with verse that posits a thoroughly Christian magic, one that Dee defended as entirely in keeping with his Protestant faith. The signi¤cance of this move—a common one in occult texts during this period—is that it re®ects Dee’s growing fear of persecution.

16 I use the term “origin narrative” rather than “history” quite deliberately for two reasons. First, the origin narrative often told by occultists is fanciful and often inaccurate according to even the most relative of documentary standards. Second, although the cursory narrative I provide below is easily documented, the fact remains that any history is shot through with contemporary schemes of coherence. ”17 In other words, history as it is commonly conceived consists of an imposition of pattern only discernible in retrospect, and wed to a common, Hegelian notion of historical progress, the pattern can too easily overwhelm contingency.

Practiced and cultivated by the Masters for a millennia . . preserved since the time of Christ . . ” For me the term resonates with “fabric” and “woven,” two metaphors Erika and I would hear time and time again during our experience with the group. This trinity of terms suggests the exotic and antique, a cherished cloth, an ancient veil. Coupled with the red-and-orange image of a foreboding sky, the pamphlet reminded me of the Western romance of India, the collective appropriation of Indian “exotica” in the pages of coffeetable books and on the screens of televisions: the chalky reds speak of images of poverty, closely associated with a dusty, orange earth; brown bodies bathing in sacred polluted rivers; a meditation and turning inward through the third eye which unites the external with 28 / interlude the eternal; Ben Kingsley walking through dusty streets, trailed by children, tanned and Gandhi-ed, demonstrating how class boundaries become porous though self-denial and a highly theatrical version of starvation.

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