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By Betty Devriendt, Johan van der Auwera, Louis Goossens

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Phi-features, akin to individual, quantity, and gender, current an extraordinary chance for syntacticians, morphologists and semanticists to collaborate on a examine firm during which all of them have an equivalent stake and which all of them technique with info and insights from their very own fields. This quantity is the 1st to aim to collect those assorted strands and types of study.

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G. g. independent clause) as its "point of origin". Halliday (1966: 62) then suggested "that it might be useful to consider some possible consequences of regarding systemic description as the underlying form of representation, if it turned out that the structural description could be shown to be derivable from it". Structural relations would thus be derived, by means of realisation rules, from "selection expressions" consisting of the terms, or features, selected from system networks for the linguistic expression under analysis.

There are two related but separable aspects to this rejection of the conventional pattern. Firstly, Halliday studiously avoids the use of the terms "syntax" and "pragmatics". These terms are suspect because they are associated with an approach to language rooted in 12 Christopher S. Butler philosophy rather than with a view of language as a social tool. Halliday (1994: xiv) also claims that the use of the term "syntax" "suggests proceeding in a particular direction, such that a language is interpreted as a system of forms, to which meanings are then attached".

Wiäiäsa ki [^p [ g sifka wq man the [^jp [g dog a yaxtäke ] ki ] bite ] the this] le wqyqka saw 37 täku *what/something he? ' Lakhota relative clauses lack an external head noun, unlike English relative clauses; the NP which is construed as the head must be indefinite within the embedded clause, its true definiteness value being signalled by the article + demonstrative complex at the end of the NP. In (3b), the object NP in the definite restrictive relative clause in (3a), igmu ota 'many cats', is replaced by täku 'what', and the question particle he is added to make the sentence a question.

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