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30 Community Associations and Centres The Education Department tried to induce these often rival associations to co-operate, particularly the West Pilton Memorial Trust and the West Pilton Council, and refused to recognise either body as the community association for that neighbourhood until they formed one organisation. This still did not happen, however, and eventually the West Pilton Council was recognised as a community association and provided with a temporary community centre (see Fig. 4).

Its members were quite willing to form an association and did so in 1962-3. ) showed initial promise and soon developed social, educational and recreational activities. The Failure of Federation By 1960 it was known that one new centre would be provided for the whole area, and in order to provide a stimulus towards the formation of a joint committee Mr. Smith proposed an annual arts festival which was to be the first step in developing a wider sense of community. The idea was taken up and a festival has been run every year since.

Membership is said to be increasing but only covers people who are interested in activities which can be run in the centre, since there is no community association which meets other community needs. Pilton The Pilton Central Committee never had individual members as it was a representative body only. A. until 1967 when it was decided to put this provision into effect. A. also. A. and indeed with Leith where there is still only a centre management committee in practice. However, in Pilton, as in Leith, several members are not particularly interested in the association and few people in the community know of its existence.

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