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For kids elderly 6 and over, this best-selling illustrated dictionary comprises complete sentence definitions and child-friendly instance sentences in addition to vibrant illustrations and pictures, color headwords and an A-Z on each web page.

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ADVERB 2 If you do something backwards, you do it in the opposite of the usual way. Let’s try counting backwards from one hundred. bacon NOUN Bacon is salted meat from a pig. bacteria PLURAL NOUN Bacteria are very tiny living things which break down waste. They can cause diseases. bad worse, worst ADJECTIVE 1 You say somebody is bad if they are naughty or wicked. ADJECTIVE 2 If something is bad, it can hurt or upset you in some way. badge badges NOUN A badge is a sign people wear to show they belong to a school or club.

Blink blinks, blinking, blinked VERB When you blink, you shut your eyes and open them again quickly. blister blisters NOUN A blister is a small bubble on your skin, containing watery liquid. Blisters are caused by a burn or rubbing. blizzard blizzards NOUN A blizzard is a bad snowstorm with strong winds. block blocks, blocking, blocked NOUN 1 A block of flats or offices is a large tall building. NOUN 2 A block of something like stone or wood is a large rectangular piece of it. VERB 3 To block means to get in the way.

Just put it down anywhere. apart ADJECTIVE If something is apart from something else, there is a space between them. He stood with his feet apart. ape apes NOUN Apes are like monkeys but are larger and have no tails. Chimpanzees and gorillas are apes. apologize apologizes, apologizing, apologized; also spelt apologise VERB When you apologize, you say you are sorry for something you have done. apology apologies NOUN An apology is something you say or write to tell someone you are sorry. apostrophe apostrophes NOUN An apostrophe is a punctuation mark (‘) used in contractions and to show belonging.

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