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By P. L. Gaus

A compulsively readable new sequence that explores a desirable tradition set purposely aside. within the wooded Amish hill state, a professor at a small collage, a neighborhood pastor, and the county sheriff are the one ones one of the mainstream, or "English," who own the instincts and abilities to paintings the instances that effect all county citizens, regardless of their code of behavior or non secular creed. A deadly coincidence related to and Amish buggy and an eighteen-wheeler units Professor Michael Branden on a quest to discover the hyperlinks among the crash and a spate of irritating occasions.

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He gave out a couple of groans and asked, grousing, “Hey, Doc. ” and tried to lift his arms to register his dismay. “We’ll push some more,” the doctor said and gave the order to the nurse. Because of his large size and the intense pain, Robertson had worked through the initial doses of morphine quickly. Now the latest dose added its effects, and Robertson began to grow drowsy. Deputy Ricky Niell arrived in a neatly pressed uniform, eyed the sheriff’s back, made a pained expression for Wilsher, and took a seat next to the lieutenant.

One of the doctors had called for another dose of morphine, and the nurses had pushed enough to sedate an average-sized man. Still, he lay awake on his stomach, grumbling about the procedure through his mask. He tried to sit back up, but an ER nurse kept him pinned on his belly. When Lieutenant Dan Wilsher arrived, Robertson was fighting with the nurse to remove his oxygen mask again. Lieutenant Wilsher pulled a metal chair up to the head of the bed and sat to face the sheriff. He took one of Robertson’s hands, partly to help the nurses, and also to let the sheriff know he was there.

Been a long time, Andy,” Cal said. ” Weaver nodded self-consciously and said, “Thought I had gone to Pennsylvania for keeps, Cal. ” Cal retrieved his shoes, and the two strolled through a swinging iron gate and along a rusted fence bordering a sunbaked field of hay. The bishop’s old straw hat was broken open at the front of the crown where he had pinched it so often, putting it on and taking it off. His vest hung limply over rounded shoulders. The leather of his boots was split and scuffed, encrusted with patches of dried manure.

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