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It was not possible to select one as any better, or more r e p resentative, than another. It has been suggested that socially descriptive representation might be effective if representatives were tied to their constituencies by some mechanism of oversight. That stipulation, however, changes the theory of socially descriptive representation. Selected agents are then representatives not because they share a group's features, but because they are acceptable to that group. L. 93-641 as it has been interpreted in several of the cited court cases includes no such view.

How many lives have been troubled by the grave illness of loved ones and the anguish of the uncertainty about whether their critical needs were met?

Administrative politics are far less visible than legislative. They a r e not bounded b y discrete decisions, and they are cluttered with technical detail r a t h e r than the emotive symbols likely to arouse diffuse constituencies. The policy focus of program administration is dispersed - temporally, conceptually, even geographically. Concentrated groups are much more likely to sustain a commitment to participate. Administrative processes may even grow biased to the point that other affected parties are shut out from deliberations that concern them.

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