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By Ted Dekker

Infrequent is the tale that takes readers out of this global and into one other. Rarer nonetheless the tale that captures center, soul, and mind...leaving the reader ceaselessly remodeled. this can be that tale. Dive deep and input the Circle. The Circle is an epic tale of evil and rescue, betrayal and love, and terrorist risk not like whatever the human race has ever recognized. It beings whilst a guy named Thomas hunter unearths himself being chased down an alley after operating the past due shift at a espresso residence. whilst a bullet grazes his head, he awakens in a completely diversified truth. Now each time he falls asleep, he wakes up within the different reality--and each selection he makes affects the destiny of 2 worlds. in the end, all 4 novels during this groundbreaking sequence were introduced jointly in a single adrenaline-laced quantity. 4 novels. Worlds. One Story. 

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Circle Series 4-In-1

Infrequent is the tale that takes readers out of this global and into one other. Rarer nonetheless the tale that captures middle, soul, and brain. .. leaving the reader endlessly remodeled. this can be that tale. Dive deep and input the Circle. The Circle is an epic tale of evil and rescue, betrayal and love, and terrorist hazard in contrast to whatever the human race has ever recognized.

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Lettuce and tomatoes and rotten meat. Garbage. High above, the building’s roof drew a line across the night sky. That’s right, he’d been hit on the head and he’d fallen into the alley, into a large garbage bin. Thomas sat in slimy vegetables swamped with a moment of intense relief. The bats had just been a dream. And the men from New York? He hauled himself up by the lip, glanced down a vacant alley. Pain throbbed over his temple and he winced. His hair was matted with blood, but the bullet must have only grazed him.

He cut again, aware that the only sound in this room was of two serrated knives cutting through meat into china, severing fibers. Strange sounds if you knew what to listen for. Carlos placed a slice in his mouth and bit firmly. He didn’t look up at Svensson, although the man was undoubtedly staring at him, at his face— at the long scar on his right cheek—with those dead black eyes of his. Carlos breathed deep, taking time to enjoy the coppery taste of the filet. Very few men had ever unnerved Carlos.

The Israelis had taken care of that early in his life. Hate, not fear, ruled him, a disposition he found useful as a killer. But Svensson could unnerve a rock with a glance. To say that this beast put fear in Carlos would be an overstatement, but he certainly kept Carlos awake. Not because Svensson presented any physical threat to him; no man really did. In fact, Carlos could, at this very moment, send the steak knife in his hands into the man’s eye with a quick flip of his wrist. Then what prompted his caution?

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