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When, a while later, a Polynesian business man with whom Paul was friendly joined the party, Tina once again accepted Pierre's invitation to take the floor. But this time he remained silent and withdrawn until the dance was almost over. Then he said suddenly: 'There is something I have to say to you, ma petite. ' Without waiting for her assent he drew her from the crowd of dancers and scooped aside the bead curtain which masked a doorway to. the Oleander Garden. The garden was a feature of the place, and several other couples walked or talked along the scented pathways among tropical shrubs, while lanterns strung overhead cast soft pools of rose radiance in the darkness.

Fay sighed and left the words incomplete. ' She fell silent, and Tina bit her lip, knowing that Fay spoke the truth. 'I'm sorry,' she said at last. 'I don't know what got into me. ' Fay pressed her hand on the slender shoulder that had shrugged remorsefully. 'Put it down to over- excitement. ' Tina nodded, glad to seize the proffered excuse, even as she knew it wasn't true. How Fay would laugh if she knew the real reason! Well, not laugh. Fay was never unkind, she was too good-natured ever to be that, but she would have teased, never guessing how teasing could wound ...

Everyone seemed to be talking at once. Paul was picking up his brother's cases, and Pierre was still holding on to her hands,_ but everything seemed miles away. Over Pierre's shoulder she saw a cold grey gaze, sharp grey eyes that were staring at her, almost as though they knew her. Their tall owner wanted to be past. He was murmuring something, and shouldering past a group of tourists, but still his gaze held Tina. Abruptly she pulled her hands free of Pierre's, and in that moment she recognised the stranger.

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