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It was a warm April night, one of the best nights in the year, when the leaves were just appearing in a green haze on the trees. The town of Prypiat was sleeping, Ukraine was sleeping, the whole country was sleeping, still unaware of the massive misfortune which had come upon our land. 5 The Entire Guard Followed Pravyk Firemen heard the first alarm signals. Leonid Petrovich Teliatnikov, Hero of the Soviet Union, thirty-six-years old, chief of militarized fire brigade No. 2 of the Chernobyl power station, internal service major (now lieutenant-colonel): 'In Lieutenant Pravyk's guard there were seventeen people.

I saw Iakubchyk from Dymer, we know each other, he's a driver. " We got into the engine and drove off to the first building; there we were taken into into a room and checked for radiation. " And they just didn't say anything. It was at night. They took us off to a shower room, to get washed. " 'I had leather boots and pants, no waterproof because I was a driver, and an underjacket, robe and protective shirt. He said: Take your documents with you, and your keys, and go straight into the shower. " Fine.

That summer I received a letter from Oonetsk from an old friend of mine, the dean of the Pediatric Faculty of the M. Gorky Oonetsk Medical Institute, Volodymyr Vasyliovych Hazhiiev. Ünce, in the fifties, Hazhiiev and I had produced the Kiev Medical Institute satirical magazine A Crocodile in a Smock. It was popular among the students and teachers, and we drew caricatures and wrote witty captions ... In his letter Hazhiiev told me about Valentyn Bilokin, a graduate of the Pediatric Faculty: 'Ouring his years of study in the institute he was on the whole an average, ordinary student.

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