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By Hiroyuki Ura

Ura demonstrates that his idea of a number of feature-checking, an extension of Chomsky's Agr-less checking concept, supplies a typical reason for a variety of facts drawn from various languages in a truly constant manner with a constrained set of parameters.

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24 Checking Theory and Grammatical Functions in UG single w/z-phrase is attracted to a Spec of C before Spell-out because the Qfeature of C in these languages has the property of [+strong] but [-multiple]. In French-type languages, a wh-phrase may raise to a Spec of C or may stay in situ because the Q-feature of C in these languages is weak in addition to the property that tolerates a single unforced violation of Procrastinate, but it is [-multiple]. 3. 3 I introduced the theory of GFs, according to which a GF (such as the ability to control a missing subject in a subordinate clause) results from a certain feature-checking relation with a particular head.

A derivation CONVERGES at one of the interface levels if it yields a representation satisfying Full Interpretation, a condition which requires that every entity at an interface level be interpreted. A derivation converges if it converges at both interface levels; otherwise, it CRASHES. ). Let NUMERATION be a set of pairs (LI, i), where LI is an item of the lexicon and i is its index, which should be understood to be the number of times that LI is selected. ). CHL proceeds by selecting an item from N, reducing its index by 1.

6) proposes the stipulation that an element introduced (base-generated) by Merge in its 0-position cannot undergo feature checking unless it moves somewhere other than its base-generated position. I will propose, however, that this should be parametrized. That is to say, in some languages, elements can undergo feature checking in their 6-positions, while they cannot in other languages. 2 for more discussion. In addition to these assumptions, I assume the following: 1'. There are [+multiple] Fs and [-multiple] Fs.

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