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To avoid or escape from an unpleasant situation) 13. 14. In any dispute with an insurance company, it is usually the consumer who ___________ off the worst. (to achieve a particular result in an activity, especially a competition, fight, or argument) It took a long time for the country to ___________ over the effects of the civil war. (to recover from something) 15. The threat of severe reprisals meant that many refused to ___________ themselves up to the police. (to surrender to someone in a position of authority, especially to the police) 16.

We had hoped that everything would run smoothly, but unfortunately there have been several ___________ / ___________. 13. Before you start studying for the TOEFL, you should come up with a ___________ / ___________ that will help you to make the most of your study time. 14. Safety in the workplace is very important, and should take ___________ / ___________ over everything else. 15. Is it necessary to make any ___________ / ___________ to the plan, or should we keep it as it is? 16. In the battle of the sexes there can never be a true ___________ / ___________.

The members of the commune were punished for their part in the revolution. 12. He raised the overall standards of the company within two months of his appointment. 13. As soon as the sun rose, the demonstrators began to appear on the streets. 14. Prices rose sharply in the first three months of the financial year. 15. As soon as he had tightened the knots, he pushed the boat out. 16. To everyone's surprise, she failed. 17. Tomorrow's meeting has been brought forward. 18. The management said that they would be happy to borrow the money.

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