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Precis: presents step by step directions on canning and maintaining various fruit and veggies, and comprises 100 recipes for such goods as pear-raspberry jam, poultry inventory, and baked beans.

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Don't use a metal item or a larger object for this job because it may damage your food and crack or break your hot jar. Figure 2-12: A thin plastic spatula for releasing air bubbles. Wide-mouth canning funnel A wide-mouth funnel (see Figure 2-13) fits into the inside edge of a regular-mouth or a wide-mouth canning jar and lets you quickly and neatly fill your jars. This is an essential tool for canning. Figure 2-13: A wide-mouth canning funnel. Jelly bag or strainer A jelly bag is made for extracting juice from cooked fruit for making jelly.

But if you're serious about freezing lots of food, you may want to invest in a separate freezer unit. Rigid containers: These can be made of plastic or glass. Use only containers approved for the cold temperatures of a freezer. Plastic containers should be nonporous and thick enough to keep out odors and dry air in the freezer. Glass containers need to be treated to endure the low temperature of a freezer and strong enough to resist cracking under the pressure of expanding food during the freezing process.

In Part I, you find out what benefits canning and preserving your own food can bring to your life. Discover what tools and supplies make the food preservation process run smoothly and which rumors you may have heard about canning are myths and which are true. The chapters here introduce you to the language of canning and preserving and explain how to do so safely so that you can begin to fill your pantry with delicious and healthy fare. Chapter 1: A Quick Overview of Canning and Preserving In This Chapter Discovering the world of canning and preserving Understanding the whys and hows of canning and preserving Preparing yourself for safely canning and preserving your foods Becoming a successful food canner and preserver Over the years, because of our busy lifestyles and the convenience of refrigeration and supermarkets, the art of canning and preserving has declined.

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