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Descriptionary: A Thematic Dictionary (Writers Library) (Writer's Library)

The matter i've got and folks could have with this booklet is what it includes and isn't made specific within the description of the ebook. This booklet comprises particular language and outlines of human anatomy and sexuality. a few of the issues defined in listed here are very picture certainly! This e-book is identical in a few respects to the city dictionary stumbled on on the net.

Webster's New World Law Dictionary

The Plain-English felony Dictionary for an individual Who desires to comprehend the customarily Incomprehensible TerminologyLaw has a language all its personal. Webster's New international legislation Dictionary interprets it essentially. Written in simple English, it is a lot more uncomplicated to appreciate than usual felony files. it really is up to date and entire, with:* transparent, concise, and actual definitions of greater than 4,000 felony phrases* insurance of phrases from all components of legislations, together with felony legislations, contracts, facts, constitutional legislation, estate legislations, and torts* universal abbreviations, international phrases and words, and a whole reproduction of the us structure, together with the invoice of Rights and all next amendments* Definitions of more recent phrases comparable to replacement minimal tax, 3 moves legislations, and assisted suicideIn addition to these within the felony box, this table reference is necessary to reporters, researchers, lay humans facing felony matters, or even those that easily are looking to use felony phrases accurately as a way to make their issues extra convincingly.

The Assyrian Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, Volume 21 - Z

Assyrian Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the collage of Chicago, quantity 21, Z edited through Martha T Roth xv + 170p (Oriental Institute, 1961)

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Imbecilic. Related word: anility (e-NIL-i-tee) noun. animadversion (AN-e-mad-VUR-zhen) noun 1. the act of criticizing or censuring. 2. blame, censure, reproof. Related words: animdaversional adjective, animadvert (AN-e-mad-VURT) verb. animus (AN-e-mes) noun 1. strong dislike or enmity; hostility. 2. animating spirit, purpose. 3. animosity shown in action or speech. anomalous (e-NOM-e-les) adjective 1. irregular. 2. abnormal. 3. not fitting into a familiar pattern of behavior; unusual. Related word: anomaly (e-NOM-e-lee) and anomalousness both nouns.

Related words: bowdlerism (BOHD-ler-iz-em), bowdlerization (BOHD-ler-i-ZAY-shen), and bowdlerizer (BOHD-ler-IZ-er) all nouns. brachylogy (bre-KIL-e-jee) noun, plural brachylogies 1. conciseness or overconciseness of expression. 2. a concise or succinct expression. braggadocio (BRAG-e-DOH-shee-oh) noun, plural braggadocios 1. bragging, empty boasting. 2. a braggart, a boasting person. Related word: braggadocian (BRAG-e-DOH-shee-en) adjective. bravura (bre-VYUUR-e) noun, plural bravuras 1. a brilliant performance.

Ever since Adam assigned names to all the animals, we human beings have managed to come up with labels for almost everything on this planet—and beyond. The more of these names you acquire (and all of the italicized words that follow repose in this book), the more concise will be your expression. Why should you wheeze through a dozen words—“the act of throwing a thing or person out of a window”—when you can capture the act in a single noun: defenestration? Why scrawl out “a place real or imaginary where living conditions are considered to be as bad as possible,” when you can capture the concept with eight little letters: dystopia?

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