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VIII Also it acknowledges the civil magistrate ordained by God only as necessary to preserve the peace and tranquillity of the state. To which end, it desires and ordains that all be obedient in so far as nothing contrary to God is commanded. IX Next it affirms that marriage, instituted by God for all persons as fit and proper for them, violates the sanctity of no one whatever. THE LAUSANNE ARTICLES 37 X Finally as to things that are indifferent, such as foods, drinks and the observation of days, it allows as many as the man of faith can use at all times freely, but not otherwise than wisdom and charity should do.

If you object to me that all that is said of God pertains to Jesus Christ in whom humanity and divinity are not separated, the answer is easy: that Jesus Christ in taking human flesh joined his divine nature to our humanity in the union of his person, so that (as John says) the Word was made flesh, and one and the same Jesus Christ is God and man. Yet this union 1 Claude Blancherose, a medical doctor at Lausanne, and of French origin, was one of the most zealous orators on the Roman side at the Colloquy.

But it is the principle of theocratic government embodied in the document which is of first class importance, not the limited success which in the early stages it achieved. 4t! Articles concerning the Organization of the Church and of Worship at Geneva proposed by the Ministers at the Council January 16, Right Honourable Gentlemen: it is certain that a Church cannot be said to be well ordered and regulated unless in it the Holy Supper of our Lord is always being celebrated and frequented, and this under such good supervision that no one dare presume to present him self unless devoutly, and with genuine reverence for it.

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