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It has consistently focused upon bodily processes as cause of mental distress, on observation of the body, and on treatments in the form of therapies and procedures aimed at affecting the body. I examined contemporary texts used by psychiatrists and nurses in their training and clinical practice, and found that the texts used refer to a predominantly biomedical framework in their discussion of the understanding and treatment of mental illness and its bodily presentation. There is currently a vast amount of literature on feminism and the body.

Textbook B, within its discussion of mental health problems, discusses certain psychiatric conditions that involve the body or somatic health. ‘Hypochrondriasis’ involves a patient believing that they are physically unwell when they are not, and where several areas of the body may be involved. It is noted that such patients may be depressed and present themselves as fragile. They are difficult to reassure and may seek the advice of several different doctors in an attempt to have their complaints taken seriously.

These postures are also considered to have a symbolic significance, such as that of crucifixion. This may indicate that the patient has a delusional schizophrenic belief that he is Christ. The textbook also specifies how an individual with schizophrenia may exhibit motor symptoms and signs including tics, unusual movements such as rocking to and fro, and grimacing. There are also physical signs described such as echopraxia where the patient will imitate the movements of the interviewer. The textbook does explore how in some psychiatric disorders there are disorders within the body image.

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