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By Albert Kreinheder

This feeling-intuitive method of actual sickness vividly illustrates the symbolic angle and lively mind's eye with the physique. Refreshingly candid, physique and Soul displays a lifestyles good and really lived with regards to the Self and the method of individuation.

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As he read these lines to me, he broke into uncontrollable tears. And I was deeply affected also. Although I was well acquainted with "The Sermon on the Mount," the part about the eye being the lamp of the body was totally unfamiliar to me. But it exactly stated the whole thesis of my work on healing: "If your eyes are sound, you will have light for your whole body. " How clear it is in that quotation that the most central function most directly affecting all the others is the truth and the clarity of vision, the function of deeper consciousness, the soul function.

We have made a start toward taking into ourselves all that we are. There is a good round wholesome feeling in the fullness and in the wholeness and in the freedom from the tension of the war within ourselves, the hiding from ourselves and from others the truth of what we are. Truth is the panacea. So while we are horrified at the exposures of our hidden shame, we are also instantly lightened and renewed. Georgia is far from being healed. But she has entered into the images behind the symptom of the bleeding mouth.

I was just about to experience the same terrible intensity of its peak when there was a spontaneous shift into a simple but wonderful dream. In the dream I saw my much loved but long dead grandfather sitting on the porch steps waiting for me to come home from work. ' I shouted in joy. page_66 Page 67 "At that very second, it seemed as if the peak terror of the seizure experience was shunted into the joy of seeing grandfather in my dream, and I experienced a wave of ecstasy instead of a mad epileptic panic.

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