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By P. L. Gaus

Book 1 of the Amish-Country Mysteries

"For greater than a decade, P. L. Gaus has been writing quietly spellbinding mysteries about... the conservative previous Order Amish of Holmes County, Ohio."—Marilyn Stasio, New York Times

within the wooded Amish hill nation, a professor at a small collage, a neighborhood pastor, and the county sheriff are the single ones one of the mainstream, or "English," who own the instincts and abilities to paintings the circumstances that effect all county citizens, regardless of their code of behavior or non secular creed.

whilst an Amish boy is abducted, a bishop, anxious for the security of his fans, plunges 3 outsiders into the ordinarily closed society of the "Plain Ones."

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What greater proof might a bishop need than a single trip into town? The bishop could see, with perfect clarity, what threatened his people. Rumbling over the back roads, he prayed for insight and for strength. There would surely be many tests to come. He asked for resolve, steadfastness, and simplicity. His fingers tightened on the reins. He prayed for protection from the world. As his thoughts turned to the families of his district, an answer was given to his prayers, and a sense of peaceful belonging returned to him.

Still, it is a necessary burden. “In my years as bishop, I have imposed only three bans. ” Miller lapsed into silence. Branden looked over and noticed a sheen of tears in the bishop’s eyes. ” Miller groped for words. He seemed overwhelmed, vulnerable. He remained quiet for some time, enmeshed in a private, enduring sorrow. In time, and with effort, he bolstered himself and sat a little straighter. He took up the reins again and guided the horse back onto the lane, down a small hill, and around a sharp turn that carried them over a ford at a little creek.

Slowly, as you predicted,” Branden said. ” “Typical,” Cal said. “Mostly we talked about the people and the farms we passed. In remote regions of the Doughty Valley. He showed me each of the family farms under his leadership. Named all of the children, parents, grandparents, land holdings, livestock, relatives, and relationships. Even courtships. Essentially, he introduced himself to me by detailing all of the district over which he serves as bishop. Eventually, he wanted to know about me. And Caroline.

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