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By Nevil Shute

Stanton Laird, a tender American geologist with a mystery, involves the Australian outback to look for oil. There he meets an unconventional farming family members and falls in love with their Mollie Regan. notwithstanding cultural ameliorations among Stanton’s and Mollie’s worlds strength the 2 enthusiasts to make tricky judgements.

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For the first years of peace they had battled with the Ministry to get their land back, and had failed; they had then emigrated as a family to West Australia and had bought a farm at Armadale, near Perth. At the age of sixteen David had gone as a jackaroo upon a sheep station, to learn the business. He had stayed there for four years and had remained enthusiastic about sheep, with the result that now, only two years later, he was manager and part owner of Lucinda Station, white enthusiasts being something of a rarity in the far north of West Australia.

When Mr Bruce had introduced his party to the pastoralists upon whose properties they were to work he would retire to his office in Melbourne and leave them to their job. They had hoped to arrive at Laragh Station on a Saturday afternoon. In fact, they took a wrong track between Malvern Downs and Mannahill which took them fifteen miles out of their way and landed them on the edge of a dry creek that Mr Bruce could not recognize and knew to be wrong. They stopped and rigged their radio and made contact with the Flying Doctor service on the midday schedule, and spoke to Mr Rogerson at Mannahill Station, who told them where they had gone astray.

Hey - Stan! Come over here a minute. ' Stanton held out his hand. 'Why, hello, Miss Regan, I'm certainly glad to know you,' he said. ' 'I know,' she said. ' 'I guess we just naturally got lost,' he said. ' 'One wheel rut's just like another wheel rut to me, Miss Regan. ' She laughed. 'Mollie's the name, Mr Laird. ' 'Fine,' he said. ' She turned, for David was behind her. 'David,' she said, 'this is Stanton Laird. ' He laughed. ' She wrinkled her brows. 'It doesn't seem possible. ' He laughed again.

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