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By John Ruskan

As sequel to his Emotional Clearing, John Ruskan takes the reader on a trip into the collective subconscious archetypal global of feeling. during this designated and evocative paintings, he blends fiction with East/West psychology to assist wake up forgotten emotional components of ourselves that needs to be introduced into the sunshine as an essential step to non-public evolution and therapeutic. Ruskan bargains unique penetrating insights into the method of making artwork, illuminating vital difficulties comparable to the blockading, self-criticism, and manic-depressive syndromes.

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Children at play exist in a highly magical state. They interact with beings of their imagination as much or more real than those of the material world. They imbue ordinary objects with extraordinary identity and power, performing the basic artistic act. Children are primarily in the right-brain. At a certain point, the shift occurs to a predominately left-brain orientation with the onset of adulthood. You could start with yoga-type breathing to change your brainwaves to more of an alpha rhythm, where feeling, healing and creativity occur together.

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