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By Jeff Mackintosh, Anthony Ragan

"The BESM myth Bestiary presents gamers and GMs with the right toolkit for an immense Eyes, Small Mouth fable crusade. when you have ever desired to play a excessive Elf, a Drawf, or perhaps a Titan-Orc or a Vampire-Minotaur, then this ebook is for you! The BESM delusion Bestiary isn't really your conventional guide of monsters. within, you can find a plethora of D6 Tri-Stat templates for normal fable races you should use while making a participant personality or an NPC enemy. mix a number of templates (Ogre-Medusa-Skeleton?) or use them all alone. From Angel to Zombie, and every little thing in among, the BESM fable Bestiary is a perfect reference ebook for either video game Masters and Players."

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38 I’m not worthy to be her sister-she’ll never forgive me! The best way to earn forgiveness is to restore peace to the planet! Do you think so? I’m sure of it! But time is short--let’s go find that tiger! We’ll be the cat’s meow. . ha ha ha! I’m afraid we’re already too late! We’ll get there in time! Courage, Saphyra! 39 Snow. . Snow. . I’m sorry! What have I done? So much destruction . . 40 But. . It’s our tiger! They found him! Cease fire! I only hope we can restore the peace. . Marin!

For everything! 42 Seafoam, it’s time to stop the hostilities. It’s time to stop this pointless conflict. We all need to relax. Let’s eat! I stole the tiger. I should bear the consequences, not my people! There’s no excuse for my actions. I could never measure up to my sister and her achievements. It may seem silly, but I was ready to do anything to prove my worth. So that’s why you stole our tiger?! 43 Don’t judge Saphyra too harshly. An evil being took advantage of her love for her sister and her own self-doubts to provoke a war on this planet.

Surely you know of a place . Safe at last! I can’t believe we dodged all those arrows! I like being a fox--not a porcupine! What should we do now? We have to warn Turquoise! Where did Saphyra go? Never fear, Fox--we’ll get through this together! Are you out of your mind? Shoot your arrows beyond the enemy. We must cut off their escape . . There she is! Turquoise! I need your help right away! What’s happening? Where is Saphyra? 30 She might be wounded! Or. . she might be doing something foolhardy!

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