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By Mark C. MacKinnon

Encouraged by way of the dynamic settings and tales present in a variety of anime exhibits, BESM d20 permits avid gamers to create characters from any style or sub-genre. Comedy or horror, myth or science-fiction, mecha motion or passionate romance...if you could think it, you could play it. BESM d20 additionally comprises: new personality sessions (including magical woman, mecha pilot, puppy monster coach, and a dozen more), new talents, new feats, an exhaustive point-based characteristic record, and a close rate project for the middle 3.5 variation myth races and sessions.

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Additionally, the value of Attributes assumes the setting of the game gives them a good chance of actually being useful in play. If a character is ATTRIBUTES POINT COST Massive Damage 2 or 5 / Rank Mechanical Genius 2 / Rank Metamorphosis 5 / Rank Mimic 7 or 10 / Rank Mind Control 3-6 / Rank Mind Shield 1 / Rank Natural Weapons 1 / Rank Organisational Ties 1-3 / Rank Own a Big Mecha 8 / Rank Personal Gear 2 / Rank Pet Monster 6 / Rank Place of Power 1 / Rank Pocket Dimension 2-4 / Rank Power Defence 1 / Rank Projection 1-4 / Rank Regeneration 4 / Rank Reincarnation 2 or 4 / Rank Rejuvenation 1 / Rank Sensory Block 1 / Rank Servant 2 or 5 / Rank Sixth Sense 1 / Rank Size Change 1, 5, or 6 / Rank Special Attack 1 or 4 / Rank Special Defence 1 / Rank Special Movement 1 / Rank Speed 2 / Rank Spirit Ward 1 / Rank Superstrength 4 / Rank Swarm 2 / Rank Telekinesis 2 or 4 / Rank Telepathy 1-3 / Rank Teleport 5 / Rank Train a Cute Monster 1 / Rank Transmutation 3-5 / Rank Tunnelling 2 / Rank Unique Attribute 1-5 / Rank Unknown Superhuman Power Variable Water Speed 2 / Rank Wealth 3 / Rank ABILITY SCORE None Intelligence None Intelligence Wisdom Wisdom None Charisma None None None None Wisdom Variable Intelligence None None Wisdom Intelligence None Wisdom Constitution None None Dexterity Dexterity Wisdom Strength Constitution None Intelligence Intelligence Wisdom Intelligence None Variable Variable None None PAGE 52 52 52 53 53 54 54 55 56 57 57 58 58 59 59 60 60 60 60 60 61 61 61 67 67 68 68 68 68 69 70 70 70 72 72 72 73 73 73 CHAPTER 6: ATTRIBUTES TABLE 6-1: CHARACTER ATTRIBUTES The selection of Attributes is one of the most important steps during character creation.

This option reduces the cost of Armour to 2 Points/Rank (rather than 4 Points/Rank), and increases the protection provided from 4 Points/Rank to 8 Points/Rank. Armour and Force Fields in other d20 Games CHAPTER 6: ATTRIBUTES If converting a BESM d20 character to another d20 System game, or vice verse, Armour (and Force Fields) is handled very simply. BESM d20 Armour is treated as Damage Reduction of an amount equal to its protective value. ). When converting BESM d20 characters to other d20 games, the character’s Damage Reduction is not vulnerable to a specific attack unless the character assigned a Restriction in BESM d20 (typically a 1 to 3 BP Restriction, depending on how common the specific attack form is).

Armour reduces the damage of each attack by 4 per Rank. The base cost for Armour is 4 Points/Rank. A number of options are available for the Armour Attribute, which alter the Attribute’s Point cost or modify the Armour’s effectiveness. The minimum Point cost of Armour, regardless of options, is 1 Character Point. PARTIAL The Armour has a small thin area (half Armour value, -1 to Point cost) or an unarmoured area (no Armour value, -2 to Point cost) that can be targeted using a Called Shot (see page 116).

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