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About 1 yr after her symptoms began she took an overdose of medication in a suicidal attempt, which was complicated by a pneumonia and led to a 12-week period in a psychiatric state hospital, after which she was given a trial period at home. However, at home Mrs. R. again began to wash her hands compulsively, and after approximately 2 months returned to the hospital in a state of depression and with a severe dermatitis of both hands. After 6 more weeks of hospitalization, she was discharged improved.

She was maintained on a small dose of Thioridazine because previously a diagnosis of schizophrenia had been entertained and activa­ tion of this psychosis by the imipramine seemed possible. However, Thioridazine was dis­ continued gradually without any effect on Mrs. 's condition. In the ward, she did not show compulsive handwashing, but she avoided any of the activities after which previously she had always had to wash her hands. When asked, in the course of an interview, to pick up something from the floor, she did so hesitantly and went immediately to the bathroom to wash her hands.

Eye contact, 4. facial expression, 5. body expression, 6. distance from person with whom one is interacting. Loudness and fluency are vocal features that are not dependent upon the content of the verbal message. Fluency in fact may be com­ pletely at odds with the explicit message, yet if fluency is lacking from a message the overall impact of what is said is greatly diminished. Some of the six variables listed are easily measurable—loudness of voice, fluency, distance from the other person, eye contact—but bodily and facial expression defy simple measurement.

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