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By Gavin D. Smith

Pilsners, blonde ales, India faded ales, lagers, porters, stouts: the forms and varieties of beer are unending. yet as varied because the drink is, its allure is universal—beer is the most-consumed alcoholic beverage on the planet. From ballparks to eating places, bars to brewpubs, this multihued beverage has made itself a nutritional staple around the world. Celebrating the historical past of those renowned libations during this enjoyable tome, Gavin D. Smith lines beer from its earliest days to its modern consumption.
whereas exploring the evolution of brewing know-how and the way it mirrors technological adjustments on a much broader monetary scale, Smith travels from Mexico to Milwaukee, Beijing, Bruges, and past to offer a legion of beer manufacturers their due. He then delves into the expansion of beer-drinking tradition and food-beer pairings and gives info on beer-related museums, gala's, guides, and internet sites. He additionally offers a variety of recipes that may be greater with the downing of a pitcher or of the amber nectar. Containing a wealth of element in its concise, splendidly illustrated pages, Beer will attract connoisseurs and informal fanatics alike.

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Derives from the word scole, which translates as skull. According to Norse mythology, the great hall of Valhalla serves as something approaching a convivial bar, where slain warriors carouse with beer which flows constantly from the udders of a goat called Heidrun. In Europe, large-scale brewing came to be centred on monastic institutions; the patron saint of brewers, St Arnold of Metz, was an Austrian-born cleric who became bishop of Metz in northeast France during 612. Arnold recognized the link between dirty water and disease and repeatedly advocated the consumption of beer rather than water during his sermons.

However, it was during the nineteenth century that concrete once again came to be widely used in construction, and the brewing industry embraced it enthusiastically. Meanwhile, the brewers of mainland Europe were developing lager brewing on a large scale, with Munich’s Spaten brewery and Dreher’s Viennese brewery offering light amber beers from 1841, while 1843 saw Josef Groll, working out of Plzeň (also known as Pilsen) in Bohemia, produced the first pilsner, a golden lager beer. In 1873, Carl von Linde of the Spaten brewery invented mechanical refrigeration, using ether as the refrigerant gas to make large blocks of ice, following on from pioneering carried out in Australia to develop refrigeration apparatus two decades earlier, and this was a major factor in the ongoing growth of lager brewing.

Ltd and Hammertons, plus Simonds of Reading and McEwan’s and Tennent’s in Edinburgh and Glasgow respectively, all followed suit. Collection of rare beer cans. Two world wars and unfavourable economic conditions across much of the world led to a slowing down in the momentum of brewery takeovers and mergers. But then the most rapid period of consolidation ever to have occurred within the British brewing industry took place, from the 1960s onwards. Joshua Tetley & Son Ltd merged with Walker Cain Ltd of Warrington in 1960 to form Tetley Walker Ltd, only for the new company to join forces with Ind Coope and Allsopp Ltd of Burton upon Trent and Ansells Ltd of Birmingham the following year to create Allied Breweries Ltd.

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