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By Alex Flinn

I'm a beast. A beast. now not particularly wolf or undergo, gorilla or puppy yet a terrible new creature who walks upright—a creature with fangs and claws and hair springing from each pore. i'm a monster. you're thinking that i am speaking fairy stories? No approach. where is ny urban. The time is now. it is no deformity, no affliction. And i'm going to remain this fashion forever—ruined—unless i will holiday the spell. convinced, the spell, the single the witch in my English type forged on me. Why did she flip me right into a beast who hides by way of day and prowls by means of evening? i will let you know. i'm going to let you know how i was Kyle Kingsbury, the man you wanted you have been, with cash, excellent appears to be like, and the precise lifestyles. after which, i'm going to let you know how I turned completely . . . beastly.

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Look,” I said. “About tonight. I’m sorry. I didn’t think you were really going to show up. ” I needed to be nice. She was obviously crazy. What if she had a gun under those big clothes? ” “Like you. ” I gave her the look I usually used on teachers, the “I’m a good kid” look. When I did, I noticed something 36 weird. Her nose, which I’d thought was long and witchlike before, wasn’t. Must have been the shadows. “Good. ” “I didn’t get my feelings hurt because I knew you’d blow me off, Kyle, knew you were cruel and ruthless and that, given the opportunity, you would hurt someone .

I didn’t know why I was mean and cruel sometimes. Sometimes I’d told myself I’d be nicer to people. But always, in an hour or so, I forgot it, because it felt good to be on top of them all. Maybe a psychologist, one of those guys on TV, would say I did it to feel important, because my parents didn’t pay attention to me or something. But that wasn’t it, not really. It was just, like, sometimes I couldn’t help it. In the living room, the grandfather clock started to strike midnight. “You’re right,” the witch said, spreading her now ripped 39 arms.

With some girls, popularity and the power that goes with it are some kind of aphrodisiac. Sloane was like that. We stood on stage, getting crowned. Sloane leaned toward me. ” She took my hand and put it on her butt. I removed it. ” You’ll see. She continued, pressing closer, her breath hot in my ear. “She went to an opera—three and a half hours. I called the Met to find out. And she usually gets dinner after. She won’t be home until almost one . . ” Her hand slipped down my stomach, edging closer to the Danger Zone.

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