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whether or not they are various, from the long run, from a special kingdom or have distinctive situations, the characters of Be particular, Be your self for youths, young ones and adults, take care of the hindrance of giving up their importance to achieve love. they fight with physique snapshot, social reputation, family members relationships, university, range and inclusion. continually, it truly is their perspective that determines their destiny.

"Bojé's Magic Powder" is the tale of Sam, who feels diversified and remoted due to her consuming conduct, whereas her classmates imagine she has a bonus.

"Beauty Queen" is the tale of Michelle, a gorgeous lady with a mystery, who needs to figure out the priorities in her lifestyles and locate her internal attractiveness.

"Be unique, Be your self" is the tale of Adam, who migrates to a different kingdom and attempts to slot in, with no giving up his values.

"Curly Line with flora" is the tale of Jessie, a dyslexic lady, who writes a diary of her courageous fight for reputation.

"The construction of existence" describes one classification' try and create an ideal setup for a gaggle of individuals residing in a construction, whereas coming to grips with the various realities in their personal lifestyles.

"The suggestions Counselor" is the tale of Tommie, who's bodily abused and builds his internal energy to set himself loose.

"Love Me, Love Me no longer" is a "chain tale" concerning the wish that young children and adults need to be enjoyed and issues they'll do to satisfy that hope.

"Biography" is the tale of Daniel, who reveals out, with assistance from a classmate, simply how a lot he's enjoyed by way of the folk round him.

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