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By Stephen Baxter

It is the yr 2030. The oceans have risen speedily, and shortly the complete planet can be submerged. however the discovery of one other life-sustaining planet mild years away supplies those that stay alive desire. just a couple of may be capable of make the journey-Holle Groundwater is among the applicants. If she makes the reduce, she is going to reside. If now not, she's going to be left to stand a watery death...

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If Magnus Howe was aware of any of this running around in his students" heads, he didn't show it. "Let's get to the point. " "To avoid conflict," Wilson said. "A starship is too small for jihads or crusades or pogroms. Maybe you could have a ship's crew that was entirely Christian, or Jewish, or Muslim-" "Or Mormon," Don Meisel said. Venus nodded. Her own family, though from Utah, had not been Mormons. "Or Mormon, yes. " Susan Frasier asked. "Like the Hindu faith, for instance, or the old pagan religions.

There were Cora Robles and Susan Frasier working in a huddle, two bright, pretty girls together. And Thomas Windrup and Elle Strekalov, sitting so close they might have been conjoined twins, as they had been all the way through grade school. Elle was a lot better-looking than Thomas, and the class gossips didn't know why they stayed together. There was a lot of noise in here, and among the noisiest were Joe Antoniadi and Mike Wetherbee. Joe, an Italian-American whose family had fled New York, was likeable, friendly, easy to impress.

The Candidates, growing interested, abandoned their other projects and started accessing social-dynamics software suites to study how different religious and social configurations might prosper in the enclosed environment of a starship - purely Christian or Muslim or Buddhist crews, or crews guided by an attic full of squabbling gods. Magnus Howe let the explorations run for a while. Dark-haired, intense, he was quite young, under thirty. Rumour had it he"d once studied to become a Jesuit. He was actually a pretty good teacher, given the dry nature of his subject matter, and young enough to share his students" sheer pleasure in learning, in acquiring new knowledge.

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