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No matter if used as a way of self-instruction or as a part of better studying coursework, this language primer is preferrred for these wishing to profit classical Arabic and for Muslims who desire to research Arabic completely to be used of their spiritual and religious perform. Designed to reinforce the knowledge of the Qur'an and its vocabulary that has infiltrated the complete of Arabic and Islamic literature, this workbook presents forty easy-to-follow classes for studying Qur'anic instead of smooth Arabic. starting with a bit at the Arabic alphabet, the textual content strikes directly to person classes that deal with a number of grammatical issues, starting from the fundamentals of nouns, adjectives, and prepositions to the extra advanced options of the relevant, the passive, and conditional sentence, introducing new vocabulary within the procedure. Accompanying translation routines, a thesaurus of technical phrases, and an index complement the most textual content.

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However, one can also have definite predicates in sentences such as 'my book is the new one' or 'God is the truth'. Xi)l } * i j ' ^ 'adhdb-Thuwa l-cadhdbu l-'altmu (my punishment it the painful punishn my punishment is the painful one 36 Exercise Five VOCABULARY FIVE SINGULAR PLURAL Jv] ibnun *Ji waliyyun ^sjj' jjl^. khalidun jjjJuU* *JL* £ «* * 1 * & c Oyl/ * W' banuna/abna'un son awliyd'u friend, protector khaliduna salihun remaining in, everlasting righteous nfmatun blessing, bounty ikhwanun akhun brother ikhwatun V>J Xf »JU*li Jjljjl rabbun + c amalun • * JUM arbabun lord acmalun work sufficiency, reckoning hasbun near - hayatun life (also 5^1i) EXERCISE FIVE 1.

Anta nadhtrun [11:12] 19- antum jdhiluna [12:89] anaUtawwabu [2:160] 20. i i l j 3 l UI B. Write out in Arabic the nominative, accusative and genitive of the following: jitnatun, rijalun, janndtun} zalimuna, wddin, al-ardu, jahilun, mandfCu, al-mu'miniina, aswadu. 29 Lesson Four Prepositions All prepositions in Arabic take the genitive case: sUJDl ^ J jiul jil-samd'i in the sky/heaven J] ^ l-ttori to the fire JLP c on a journey j 1^5 J ^ ald safarin mm qur'dnin from a recitation Note that when mm is followed by the article or a word beginning with hamzat al-wasl it becomes mina: iJ> I /^ mina Ujannati from the garden T h e majority of prepositions are written separately from the word they govern, as in the above example.

Nothing must intervene between the noun and the following genitive. The only apparent exception is when the genitive also has a demonstrative, but this is not a real exception because the demonstrative + article + genitive noun is an indivisible unit. 5. T h e strict rule about the order of adjectives, that adjectives describing the genitive come before adjectives describing any preceding noun, is not really relevant to Qur'anic 44 Lesson Seven phraseology, in which complex phrases are broken up, normally by the use of mm or //- or^T.

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