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By William W. Johnstone

Smoke Jensen by no means desired to kill, yet destiny had different plans, and the Mountain guy has left lots of blood, tears, and fury in his wake. Angus MacDougal, the daddy of 1 of Smoke's sufferers, wishes revenge. using as much as huge Rock, Colorado, MacDougal has made up our minds that killing Smoke will not be sufficient. He intends to deliver him again to Pueblo and dangle him ahead of a crowd. it is a bloodthirsty plan that would have labored, aside from a gorgeous younger lady, and the small knife she slips into Smoke's hand. abruptly Smoke is at the run within the Colorado desolate tract with out gun, no provides, and twenty armed males in pursuit. as soon as, a guy named Preacher taught Smoke how one can live to tell the tale during this desert. Now, as a brutal iciness bears down, the Mountain guy will use these classes good - not just to struggle his manner out alive, but additionally for vengeance of his own...

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Sure enough, a few minutes after Jensen and his friends had left, Macklin saw Jacoby exit a car further down the track. As Jacoby put his bag down and looked around, Macklin gave a low whistle and grinned. Jacoby was also a good friend of his, though Macklin thought he was a dumb ass for mooning over Sarah MacDougal like a hound dog in heat. Sarah would never give ordinary cowhands like them the time of day—she had been groomed since she was just a pup for finer things, men more important than country boys.

Sally laughed, her cheeks flushing even more at being seen acting so strangely. “Oh, don’t mind me, miss,” she said, waving a hand at the young girl. ” The young woman stepped in front of another mirror across the room and spent a few moments adjusting her hat and dress. Sally thought the girl probably wasn’t used to wearing such nice clothes, the way she picked at the buttons and continually fussed with the ruffled collar on the neckline. And she certainly didn’t know how to wear a frilly hat.

Angus had done some checking, and afterward he’d sent Carl up to Canada to follow Jensen and his men and to let the old man know when they headed back to the States so he could avenge his son’s death. He’d told Jacoby to stay out of Jensen’s way, not to brace him or to let him know he was being watched, but just to keep an eye on him and make sure they didn’t leave Canada without Jacoby knowing about it. Jacoby had done so gladly, sure that no one could have bested Johnny in a fair fight, him being the quickest man with a short gun Carl had ever seen—that is, until the gunfight he’d just now witnessed.

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