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By Daphne Grab

Matisse Osgood is a brand new York urban lady via and during. She buys her outfits at Andy's Cheapies, watches indie motion pictures on the Angelika, and would not be stuck lifeless on a hayride. but if her father will get unwell and Matisse's mom and dad choose to depart Man-hattan for a small city in upstate ny, her excellent global crumbles. As Matisse trudges via existence in Prague, she goals of waking up in her condo on West 78th road with a father who is good adequate to stroll along with her in imperative Park and a mom who does not faux that every thing is ok. while rumors encompass Matisse in class and her father's signs aggravate, Matisse realizes that the buddies she's making in Prague are the sort you could anticipate. they assist Matisse locate the energy to arrive out to her father, who is probably not as faraway from her as she concept. And one specific farm boy exhibits Matisse that nation residing is lots extra magical than she ever imagined.

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The rest was a bit of truth stretching: I had met one cool person, and I was alive and well—as in I wasn’t dead. I sent it, hoping she’d put off taking any drastic action for a while. ••• At 5:58 that night I had a silent debate with myself. Back before my dad got sick, we used to 49 b watch the news together once or twice a week. We’d make fun of how seriously the newscasters took themselves, and then during commercials we’d make up stories, like a report about a woman who lost a sock in a Laundromat or a guy who was on trial for killing roaches.

He sat down a centimeter at a time, his body slowly sinking into the wooden chair. When he was settled, my mom served him a big portion of lasagna. “That’s too much,” he said shortly. “You always say that, honey, and then you always eat it. You love my lasagna,” my mom cooed. Actually, he’d never in his life told her she’d served him too much food. But my mom, determined to keep up the happy family façade, was ad-libbing like a pro. She served me a plate and then took a generous portion for herself.

But when I came and settled on the bed, he changed the channel to the news. I tried not to notice his left arm jerking and twitching as it lay on the comforter. The tremors were the worst when he was still. We stared silently as the overly made up anchorwoman finished up a story about a car accident on the highway. Her phony concern was the sort of thing we usually mocked. a 52 “All right, Bob. Now why don’t you give us that weather update,” she said, suddenly formidably cheery. I laughed and after a minute my dad joined in.

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